How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great

Many Perth gardeners take their time to maintain their gardens over the course of the year. However, neglecting your garden can result in a weedy, unsightly backyard that will be hard to fix.

The good news is that you can avoid the dreaded messy garden by scheduling a garden cleanup in Perth. This will help keep your plants healthy and looking their best throughout the year!

A spring cleanup is a great way to get your garden ready for summer. While winter makes it difficult for your plants to thrive, a little boost in the spring will ensure that they have the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Start by removing the leaves from your plants and trimming back dead flowers. This will give them a chance to get some sun and fresh air, which is essential for them to stay healthy.

If you have any trees, shrubs or hedges that need pruning, this is also the time to do so. This will remove any limbs that are too twisted or leaning too far from the main structure, and also cut back any branches that have suffered from frost damage.

During spring, it is also important to give your lawns a good trim to encourage their growth. Lawns that are too long or haven’t been cut in a while can become dry and weak, which can make them more susceptible to pests and disease.

Another way to give your garden a spring clean is by fertilizing it. This can be done with a slow-release fertilizer, which is designed to release its nutrients over the course of the growing season. Fertilizing your garden will ensure that it is filled with nutrients that your plants need, and it will also prevent any disease or fungus from taking hold.

A good way to fertilize your garden is to use a mixture of compost and manure. These will reintroduce nutrients and soil microbes to your soil, which will be needed for the new season.

When it comes to planting, this is a fantastic time to plant new roses, bushes, shrubs and trees that will flower in the springtime. This will help to give your garden some color and keep you entertained throughout the summer months.

In addition to the above activities, there are a number of other things you can do during your spring cleanup to make sure that your garden is in tip-top shape for the springtime. If you don’t have the time to do all of these tasks, spread them out over a few weeks or months until they are completed.

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During Perth's hot summers, your garden can be at risk of dehydration, which can result in your plants wilting and dying. But there are some steps you can take to ensure that your garden stays healthy throughout the summer.

First, improve the soil in your garden by adding compost and watering regularly. This will help to re-introduce microbes and nutrients into the soil which will in turn increase its water retention capacity.

Another thing to do is mulch your garden beds. Mulch is used to prevent weeds from growing and to keep the soil moist in summer. A mulch that's between 50-75mm thick will do a great job of keeping the soil in the root zone moist without letting too much water evaporate.

Finally, be sure to water your garden regularly during the summer. This will allow your plants to send their roots deep into the ground so that they can soak up moisture, even when the weather is hot and dry.

This is an important step as it will ensure that your plants don't run out of water during the hottest parts of the day and can remain healthy and strong. It is also a good idea to add wetting agents to the soil to make it more water-receptive, as Perth's soil is notorious for drying out in summer.

If you don't have time to water your garden, hire a professional watering service to do it for you. They will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you a lot of time.

Alternatively, you can plant water-wise plants which don't require as much water to thrive in the summer. These are the best way to reduce your water usage and ensure that your garden remains vibrant and healthy.

A final tip to consider is to protect newly planted seedlings and vegetables from the sun, as they can lose a lot of water during the summer. Covering them with a 50% shade cloth for a couple of weeks can be an effective solution to this problem.

To conclude, summer is a wonderful season to explore Perth and its natural wonders, as well as take part in some exciting outdoor activities! Whether you're a foodie, music lover, sports nut or a fan of the arts, there is something for everyone in Perth this summer.

Autumn is a fantastic time to get outdoors and spend some quality time in your garden. This is the time to prepare your plants for winter, prune plants and hedges, harvest your last of the summer fruits and vegetables and plant your autumn varieties.

It’s also the time to check that your chemicals are in good condition and don’t have any expired use by dates. A few simple maintenance jobs are all that’s required and can make a big difference to your garden.

Pruning – Trimming back shrubs and smaller plants is an essential part of garden cleanup in autumn, as it encourages new growth. This is especially important for shrubs such as Philodendron 'Xanadu' and Pittosporum 'Miss Muffet', which have suffered from the heat during the summer.

Fallen leaves – The fallen leaves collected at the base of shrubs, flowering bulbs and ornamental grasses can be used as mulch to help retain soil moisture and prevent weeds. This is a great way to maintain your garden’s aesthetic without mowing the lawn and it makes for a lovely display when the weather gets cooler.

Taking cuttings from hardy herbs and natives is another essential garden cleanup activity in autumn. Take 10cm cuttings from plants such as rosemary, bay and coastal rosemary and dip in a suitable hormone powder before potting up in small containers of premium potting mix.

Clean up your garden beds – The dry summer heat can make the soil drier and water repellent, so it’s important to apply manure and top up with clay before planting. It will also help to reintroduce nutrients and soil microbes after summer, helping your plants grow stronger.

Remove spent blooms from roses – In autumn, deadhead your roses to encourage them to rebloom in the spring. This is also a great time to spray for mildew and black spot, before they have a chance to spread.

Perth is a gorgeous town to explore, with its rich history and beautiful architecture. It is home to some of the best restaurants and shops in Ontario, and a trip to the town will give you an excellent taste of local culture!

There are many things you can do during winter to help keep your garden clean and healthy. For starters, you should brush back any leaves that are sitting on top of your flower beds. This will help prevent weeds and keep the soil moist and nourishing.

Alternatively, you could add mulch to your garden beds, which will help keep the soil and roots hydrated while protecting against moisture-seeking weeds. It’s also a good idea to introduce compost into your soil as this will help build up the soil’s natural organic matter.

It’s important to make sure your soil is properly mulched and hydrated before the weather turns cold, as this will help your plants stay healthy throughout the winter. It’s also a great time to perform other essential garden maintenance activities such as mixing high-quality soil amendments into the soil such as manure, bone meal and minerals like rock phosphate.

Pruning your plants is a key activity during this season, as it will give your garden a kick-start and prepare it for the coming spring growth. It’s a great time to prune your fruit trees, as well as remove branches from your shrubs and hedges to promote growth.

You’ll also want to check your gutters for any debris that may be blocking them. Clogged gutters are a common cause of water damage to roofs and walls, so it’s best to clear them out before the spring weather gets too wet.

Another thing you can do during winter is to plant out vegetables, bulbs and trees. Generally, autumn is the best time to plant out native tree and shrub plantings, though depending on your local climate you might have better luck with summer veggies, such as carrots, cabbages, asparagus and peas.

Finally, remember to keep a close eye on your garden during the winter months, as it’s often the time when weeds are most prevalent. You should weed your garden regularly and apply a water-soluble plant food such as fish emulsion to your vegetables, fruit trees, bulbs and flowers.

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas for your Perth home garden in the winter, it’s always a good idea to get the advice of a professional landscaper who knows what they’re doing. These people know the best plants for your specific area and will be able to suggest plants that will thrive in the region’s unique climate conditions.

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Many Perth gardeners take their time to maintain their gardens over the course of the year. However, neglecting your garden can result in a weedy, unsightly backyard that will be hard to fix. The good news is that you can avoid the dreaded messy garden by scheduling a garden cleanup in Perth. This will help…